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If you’re looking for a highly developed, dedicated piece of DJ mixing software then Traktor Pro 2 is going to be something you will want to look at.

Which is exactly why it’s a piece of software that’s always in demand, whether through being paid for, or finding a Traktor 2 Pro crack, or Traktor Pro 2 free download online to get it for free.

The problem with going down that road is that the cracked versions of Traktor Pro 2 are often stuffed full of malware. If you look for a straight Traktor Pro 2 crack, then the problem is usually that they simply don’t work, or if it’s a keygen then what it generates doesn’t unlock the software.

Well, the great news is that you can get a free copy of Traktor Pro 2 that works, and we going to talk you through exactly where and how to get it right here.

What Is Traktor Pro 2?

Traktor Pro 2 is dedicated piece of DJ software. It allows you to create on-the-fly remixes, with powerful looping and cueing. It has a huge FX suite to building depth and individuality, plus its intuitive interface makes it great for live performance.

Developed by highly reputable music software company Creative Instruments, it was developed from the Traktor S4. That software contains some amazing features that the original Traktor Pro didn’t have, but in this latest second version those exclusives from the S4 have been brought in, alongside some new and unique features for the Pro 2 only.

If you want to buy it, you are looking at about $150 for the download. That’s not ridiculous, but it’s still well beyond the pocket of somebody who wants to give it a try without spending all their hard earned money, which is why you will find so many Traktor Pro 2 cracks online, most of which simply don’t work.

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Key Features Of Traktor Pro 2

There’s a good reason why Traktor Pro 2 has been the software of choice for DJs and live performance for several years, and that’s because of its incredibly strong set of core features: 

  1. Using track preparation you can find and queue your favorite tracks in seconds, allowing you to change or create a dynamic playlist. It has full iTunes integration, meaning you can pull in online content as well during your set.
  2. On importing a track the software automatically detects BPM, beatgrids, and key. The powerful integrated sync engine then works seamlessly to create perfectly beatmatched mixes.
  3. The Loop recorder allows you to record audio from a live source, and then create multilayered overdubs. You can also move these into remix slots for instant use.
  4. Remix decks will let you slice, edit and deconstruct tracks on-the-fly. You can capture loops and sounds in up to 64 slots, which can then be used during your set to create repetition and personalization to your sound. 

Is There A Traktor Pro 2 Free Download Option?

The great news is that this awesomely powerful piece of DJ software is actually available to download completely free in its entirety.

Unlike most free downloads of Traktor Pro 2, the Traktor Pro 2 free download you can get right here is a real, full, working version of the software that does not contain any backdoors or malware. It’s been checked and tested before uploading.

There’s also a crack available if you have the trial version which will talk about the second. If you want to download the full version you can use the links here.

You will need to complete a short survey, which is completely free to do. You don’t even have to give a real name or email address, it takes about a minute, and then the download link will be revealed.

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How To Get A Working Traktor Pro 2 Crack

If you don’t want to download the full version which is quite a large download, and you already have the trial version on your computer, then you could simply download a guaranteed working Traktor Pro 2 crack.

The crack creates a working Traktor Pro 2 activation key. It’s really easy to install and use this crack: 

  1. Download the Traktor Pro 2 crack right here. You’ll have complete a one minute survey, but you can get away with entering a completely fake name and email address, and a seizure done that you’ll get access to the download link.
  2. Make sure the software options to automatically update are turned off, then switch off your Internet connection.
  3. Run the Traktor Pro 2 crack file. This will generate the activation key that will then unlock the software and fool it into thinking it is registered. 
Download Traktor Pro 2 Crack

So whether you decide to download the full working version, or the crack file, the exciting thing is that you can get Traktor Pro 2 free download right here that contains the guaranteed proper program, free of viruses and backdoors, and with all the features of the paid software.