Steinberg Cubase 9 Review – What Is New?

Over the years, the Steinberg Cubase software has become immensely popular among musicians and music producers. It is a great digital audio workstation and the new Cubase 9 is even better than the previous versions.

Below, you’ll learn all about Steinberg Cubase 9 and its new features.

A Comprehensive Digital Audio Workstation

There are plenty of great DAWs. Nevertheless, most experts and music veterans will agree that Cubase 9 offers more than the alternatives. It is a comprehensive digital audio workstation that leaves nothing to the imagination.

It offers all of the tools and features that you need to perfect your music. In fact, the developer of the software claims that it is the most complete digital audio workstation out there. Many previous and current users will agree with this assessment.

If you’re serious about perfecting your music, you’ll definitely love what Cubase 9 has to offer. It doesn’t lack any features that you may need.

Lower Zone

In the past, it was widely agreed that Cubase was one of the easiest DAWs to use. Well, the 9 version is even better thanks to the addition of the Lower Zone. This feature makes a huge difference. It will provide the user with a neat overview.

The Lower Zone really enhances the user’s productivity and their workflow. Even if you’re using a laptop, you’ll be able to breeze through your work and get the specific sound that you’re after.

All of the software’s tools and editors are a single mouse click away.

If you’re looking for a comprehensive yet simplistic DAW, you’ll definitely want to think about downloading and utilizing Cubase 9. It will not disappoint.

Creating A Sampler Track

Authors are forced to deal with writer’s block. Musicians experience something pretty similar. The good news is that inspiration is readily available when you use Steinberg Cubase 9.

This software makes it possible for users to create a sampler track with little to no effort. This feature can spice up your music and help you get motivated. You can use pretty much any audio you want to create a sampler track.

Then, you can manipulate it to your heart’s content. The Sampler Track feature includes the Caleidoscope.

This is going to provide you with hundreds of presets and samples. Suffice to say, the Sampler Track is one of the best new features for Cubase 9.

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Frequency EQ Plug-In

You should also know that this software comes with a new Frequency EQ plug-in. This new feature is definitely going to enhance your musical productions.

This feature will provide you with eight bands. You can enjoy M/S support and Linear Phase mode for all of the available bands.

Once you’ve made the necessary adjustments, you can take advantage of the Auto Listen feature.

That allows you to listen to the changes right after you’ve made them.

The Spectrum Display and musical keyboard are there to ensure that you’re able to get the perfect tone that you’re after. No matter what you’re trying to achieve, you can pretty much guarantee that the Frequency EQ plugin is going to prove to be very beneficial.

MixConsole History

It is true that people can learn a great deal from history. This is definitely true for musicians. By relistening to some of your past productions, you might be able to find room for improvement. You can also build upon your past successes.

This is why the Cubase 9 software comes with the MixConsole History feature. This new feature gives users the option of comparing several mixes with just one click of the mouse. This feature actually tracks the changes that you’ve made.

You can also select a handful of stages. This allows you to undo and redo your chances as you please. In the past, this was far more time consuming.

Now, the MixConsole History will speed things up and help you get the results that you’re after much quicker than ever before.


Making music on your own is great. Collaborating with a friend is even better. Putting your heads together is one of the best ways to perfect your music.

Thankfully, Cubase 9 is designed for collaboration. The software makes it possible for musicians to collaborate utilizing the Cloud.

Even if your musician friend is hundreds of miles away, they’ll still be able to check out your mixes and manipulate them. This is great if you intend to work on the go.

Very Stable

It is unfortunate that many digital audio workstations have tons of glitches. They’re going to malfunction and freeze constantly.

If you want to avoid this hassle, you’ll definitely want to consider making the upgrade to Steinberg Cubase 9.

This is one of the most stable and reliable DAWs out there. The peace of mind that it delivers will allow you to focus entirely on your music.

The software can be run in 64-bit mode to ensure that it is taking full advantage of the latest technologies.

It also features a new Plug-in Sentinel. This feature is going to scan all of your plug-ins to ensure that they’re valid.

It will also remove potentially dangerous or problematic plug-ins from the equation.

Marker Tracks

You’ll also be happy to know that this software offers ten marker tracks in total. That means that you’ll be able to record several instruments on several tracks.

Then, you can give each instrument its own marker. This will give you the power to structure each of your projects in the best way humanly possible.


  • Very easy to use
  • Stable with few glitches
  • Plenty of new plug-ins
  • Plug-In Sentinel keeps you safe
  • Can use up to 10 marker tracks
  • All of the features you could ever need


  • Not much help available for novices

Get It Today!

The Steinberg Cubase 9 software is great, but it is simply too expensive for many musicians. This is definitely the case, if your music isn’t making you any money.

Thankfully, cracked versions of Cubase 9 are available. You can check out this step by step guide to find out how to get it for yourself!