Avid Pro Tools Free Download: Full Version with pro tools ilok dongle

There are a myriad of digital audio workstation softwares out there, things like Cubase, which has been around for years for example, still sit at the top of the tree despite many new arrivals.

Maybe if you have not before, then now is perhaps the time to take a look at the newest version of Avid Pro Tools.

It costs quite a bit of money, but then top quality music production software does. But in this review were going to talk about why it’s worth the money, but even better than that, how you can get a Pro Tools free download full version trick working for you.

Why Avid Pro Tools 12?

Since it first appeared on the scene, it’s outstanding functionality in allowing you to create upscale audio recordings has made  Avid Pro Tools a professional recording industry tool of merit.

Initially it was more around mixing, but now Pro Tools contains enough power and features to work very well for those who are more creative than technical, whether it’s a professional artist or a home studio owner.

With enhancements to many of the core editing features, AAX plugin architecture, pretty amazing latency counters and a full 64-bit audio engine, the latest Pro Tools has come of age and is now accessible to everyone.

Who Is It Aimed at?

Avid Pro Tools used to suffer from being pretty elitist. You were very restricted in your choice of hardware, and you needed an M-Powered consumer audio interface. That was limited to 48kz, and if you wanted to record at higher bit rates then you were going to need expensive additional hardware.

That was great for the professionals, but for the small time player it was just ridiculous when there were so many other options out there.

In fact, the latest version offers so much that it’s accessible to anyone who wants record music. The bad old days are gone.

You will need to have and account with Avid, plus use Pro Tools with iLok dongle to handle your license if you want to do it legitimately. However, we going to also give you a download guide here so that you can get around all of that unnecessary stuff and get started using a completely free full version of Pro Tools that has no limitations.

Avid Pro tools download

Pro Tools Features

There are some great features in the latest version of Pro Tools:

  • A true recording studio layout making it intuitive to use
  • Top end effects and a fantastic audio engine
  • A good range of built-in creative tools

The only downside in the latest full version of Pro Tools to download is that it does not have native support for VST plugins.

Pro Tools and the HD version (now called Pro) both allow you to have up to 512 instrument tracks, although the non-HD version can’t handle playing back more than 128 tracks. This is at 48 kHz, if you double that sample rate then the maximum track counterparts, so you will have to bear this in mind but it’s still high.

This seems a bit of a strange restriction considering the potential computing power available, but it is what it is.

A great new thing in the latest version of Pro Tools is that there are enhanced ways that you can bounce audio. One example is a new feature called track commit which allows you to move audio from an audio track to become a new clip on a different track. It’s very similar to the render in place feature in Cubase to be honest.

We could go on all day, but once you get over the complexity and hurdles, in terms of recording and editing, plus producing highly polished final production, you are not going to get better than Pro Tools. It’s a truly professional recording tool, in use around the world in that capacity, and because of the way you can interface it with so many types of professional audio equipment, it’s going to remain familiar wherever you go.

And if you think moving to or from Pro Tools isn’t viable, then think again. You can import and export through audio file and MIDI, and through open media framework. Anyone half competent can recreate the project on any DAW pretty quickly.

Pro Tools Licensing

Avid Pro Tools 12 comes in a range of licensing packages as you would expect from any high-end DAW software in this day and age.

You can buy the complete stand-alone product in one go, either by downloading online or buying it physically in a shop for about $700.

You can also now basically rent it through monthly subscription, which cost about $30 a month. You can lower that price slightly by paying each month but committing to a year upfront, it’s about a third cheaper at time of writing this review.

On top of that you get the various support and upgrade contracts which means you can get extra help as long as you pay.

Pro Tools have also simplified product choices now as well. There used to be several versions including standard, SE and HD.  HD is now called Ultimate, and standard and SE are now just a single core Pro Tools product.

This is great because it gives two choices rather than three, which stops less people from missing out on key features.

Buying software is one thing, but it always feels slightly wrong about having to pay an annual plan for example. It just feels like you don’t own it, and that you can be priced out of the market or have more money demanded from you at any moment.

I guess that’s why people look to getting Pro tools full for free, including the Pro Tools installer.pro tools ilok dongle

Getting A Pro Tools Free Download

Now obviously Pro Tools cost a significant amount of money, which is why finding a full version of Pro Tools for download completely free of charge is going to be beneficial.

That’s exactly what you can get here on this site. The full version  Pro Tools download, no hidden malware, with all the features you need. It’s also available for both Windows and Mac in our download.

The problem with 99% of cracked versions of Avid Pro Tools is that they are missing the Pro Tools iLok dongle integration. Basically the license is stored on the dongle and unless you have it then the software won’t work.

However, the version of  Pro Tools you can download right here for free comes with an iLok crack which means that you never have to worry about your full version of the software bailing out on you a crucial moment.

This is exactly why you should download your Pro Tools free download full version here:

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On top of what we offer for free users, if you want to step up to the next level, then we have premium plans available to give you:

  • Maximum download speeds
  • Unlimited parallel downloads
  • No limit on file size you can download
  • No waiting in queues

Click on the download links to download the free full version of Pro Tools using the standard option, or click on the banner to upgrade to enjoy premium.

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How To Install Pro Tools Full Version Free

If you are ready to get started with Pro Tools for your next musical project, then you can download it right here.

It’s a full working version, free of any malware and with every feature available in the paid version.

If you’re downloading it free then you’ll have to download the different rar file separately and then use software like Winrar to extract them. You’ll need to make sure all parts of the software are downloaded and stored in the same location so they can be extracted and then installed.

If you are using a premium version then this is all simplified for you. There will not be any delays, all the parts can be downloaded simultaneously, and there won’t be any advertising getting in your way.

Once you’ve downloaded Pro Tool free download full version onto your computer, all you have to do is:

  1. Unzip the files and run the Pro Tools installer to install your Pro Tools free download
  2. Disconnect your computer from the Internet
  3. Locate the patch file and right click on it to run it as administrator
  4. The patch will run and tell the software your copy is licensed
  5. In the software turn off automatic updates and any other options which let the software interact or call home
  6. Locate and run the Pro Tools iLok dongle crack
  7. Turn on your Internet and enjoy

Don’t worry if that all sounds complicated, there is a full installation guide right inside the downloaded files. All you have to do is open it up and then follow the steps in detail with covered briefly above.