Massive VST Download [Updated 2018]

If you’re looking for high quality hybrid synth that is packed full of influences from every modern electronic genre, and is also jam-packed full of features, then you won’t be disappointed with the Native Instruments Massive VST synth.

Anyone who has already grabbed themselves a Massive VST download can testify to the quality of this virtual synth VST plugin. It’s just basically the most feature rich in its class.

But what exactly are the features in the Massive hybrid synth, and how much is it?

And what about those NI Massive free download options? Is it possible to download Massive for free, or are you going to get it stuck with viruses or problems with getting caught?

Just How Good is Native Instruments Massive Synth?

If you’re looking for a deceptively simple hybrid VST synth then Massive is certainly something you should be looking at.

It’s incredibly straightforward and reassuringly simple to look at on the screen. Everything is laid out intuitively and in common with many other similar pieces of software, and all the main controls and options are there for you to start using.

You can choose from an incredible 82 wavetable oscillator shapes, ranging all the way through from simple to incredibly sophisticated metallic and vocal sounds. You also get sensitive controls, plus the ability to pan the output between two filters.

But it’s not the basics which make this incredible. Where the Massive synth really excels is in its modulation.

Modulation is quick to use, intuitive, and also gives strong feedback to the user visually. Because each modulation slot has plenty of options, there are tens of thousands of combinations you can use. It’s totally tweak friendly though despite all this power.

For the price you are paying, around $180, you getting an incredibly powerful synth that is packed full of options. To the beginner it might appear overwhelming in its array of selections and outputs, but that’s tempered by complete simplicity in its usability.

Overall, whether you are going to pay for it, or you are looking for a NI Massive free download to try instead, it’s definitely the virtual synthesizer you should be trying to get your hands on.

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The Problem With NI Massive Free Downloads

$180 is a lot of money to pay out the something you are not sure about, which is why so many people look for a full and unlimited Massive VST download the free.

But the problem with getting a free Massive VST download to use without limitation is that nearly every cracked version, or crack and keygen to unlock the trial version is riddled with backdoors, viruses and malware.

And even if you can find a working version, it is usually an old one that doesn’t have all the latest Massive VST synth features. It’s crucial you get the latest features because Massive has evolved massively in the last couple of versions, and the old versions are knocking around online simply because Massive can’t be bothered to chase up the people offering the download links.

However, there is some great news for you right here. The download links we have on this page will take you directly to a high quality, full, unlimited and completely free Massive VST download. It’s the latest version of Massive available for download free as well, not an old version.

It’s been triple checked to make sure there are no viruses, it’s got no backdoors, it doesn’t call home and it’s ready to go.

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How To Get Massive VST Free

It’s rare to get a native instruments massive download that actually works, and isn’t stuffed full of rubbish. That’s the same with getting a crack to unlock the trial version as we have just commented on.

But through the links supplied for you right here, you can download both a full working version of Massive, and a crack to download if you want to just unlock the trial version using a keygen.

There are premium and free member account options for downloading  Massive as well. If you want to pay through getting a premium download account which will unlock thousands of pieces of original software, then there are no adverts and no waiting.

If you want to download it free, then you’ll have to submit an email address and name (through a short survey?) but, whether you choose to download using the free or premium membership option, you are going to get the same powerful downloads:

  1. A full working version of Massive VST completely free. Free from viruses and backdoors, it doesn’t call home, it’s the latest version Massive 1.4.2 download, and it’s ready to use.
  2. A simple to use crack to unlock the trial version, licensing it and stopping it from calling home. Again, it cracks the latest version Massive 1.4.2, giving you a completely free Massive VST download.

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How To Install Your NI Massive Free Download

All you have to do to get your hands on this fantastic virtual synth and enjoy its powerful options, is to select the option you want from the links available here, whether it’s to download the full free software, or to download a Massive VST crack.

If you choose to download the full version of Massive, you simply install it as usual, and it’s already cracked, so it’s ready to go after installing.

If you just need the crack, you can download that here as well. Then all you have to do is place the crack in the Massive installation directory, and double-click to run it.

It will act as a Massive keygen, licensing the product and unlocking all its features.

Our only top tip is to de-connect yourself from the Internet when you use the crack file, just in case the software does try to call home to update itself.

But other than that small security tip you should take to keep safe, you can click the links here with confidence, and choose your options to enjoy a completely free Native Instruments Massive download.