Get A Pro Tools 12 Download That Works

In its latest version, Pro Tools is simply one awesome digital audio workstation product. It’s probably the most professionally embraced DAW out there, being used by professional recording studios and artists to make music all of us listen to.

But obviously that comes with limitations as well. But what are they, and is it going to be worthwhile doing a Pro Tools 12 download for your music needs?

So let’s take a look at exactly what Pro Tools is, and if there are alternatives to spending a fortune on it, like using a Pro Tools cracked version for example.

Is it safe, and where can you download a full version of Pro Tools the free?

What Is Pro Tools?

Pro Tools literally became the professional choice for audio recording. It’s expensive, but in terms of features is amazing.

For both professional engineers and artists it’s familiar, powerful and used across the world. But not so much in the past for the home user. But that’s changed as the different versions of Pro Tools have slowly, perhaps grudgingly, added sequencing and MIDI capability. On top of adding notation and effects, it’s now a fully fledged creative tool for the home market as well.

Along the way, there have been a lot of changes on how the software has been sold. It used to restrict you on the choices of hardware linking up to it, but that’s now not the case. On top of that, they simplified the available purchase choices to a standard and pro version.

This is also linked to a monthly and annual subscription package, as well as the traditional full purchase model.

Reasons To Use Pro Tools: Features

Pro Tools 12+ has some very strong music creation and development features:

  • Recording, MIDI and score editing tools
  • Studio quality sound processors and mixing automation
  • Up to 128 audio tracks and 512 instrument tracks
  • 60 AAX plug-ins included (with a professional pack you can also purchase)
  • Online sharing and collaboration tools
  • Smart tool and elastic time features allow dynamic editing

It really is a fully featured, serious professional level DAW. The only downside we can find is that you have to use AAX plug-ins, Pro Tools is not compatible with VST plug-ins. But as it offers well over a hundred dedicated, high-quality plug-ins of its own, this doesn’t seem to be a problem for the serious Pro Tools user.

pro tools 12 mixing

Differences Between Pro Tools 11 And 12

Version 12 of Pro Tools has several significant improvements over version 11:

  1. Avid Application Manager allows instant software updates (which you can get around, which we will talk about that later).
  2. An all-new dashboard that lets you quickly create and open sessions, replacing the old QuickStart window.
  3. Virtually unlimited bus paths, plus changes the output and bus pages.
  4. Improvements to I/O mapping and session interchange.
  5. New keyboard modifiers that allow you to enable and assign output busses.

Pro tools ilok crack

Get A Full & Free Pro Tools 12 Download

So Pro Tools 12 is an awesome piece of kit and it’s something you really should at least try. But you don’t want a trial version, or their free version which is very limited in its scope, the only way to try or use Pro Tools is to download the full version.

You can get the full Pro Tools 12 download, right here or the Pro tools 12 crack separately . It includes a Pro Tools 12 crack for iLok, which is how Pro Tools authorizes your license. The crack included in the download allows you to bypass this requirement and it really works, unlike unlike most cracked copies out there.

Through the links we offer here, you can get fast downloads of the multipart rar files. They are free from advertising malware and viruses, they don’t call home to some dodgy company in Russia, and we have tested and verified them to make sure that they work, unlock and don’t cause problems.

Where NOT To Download Pro Tools 12 Cracked Version

Loads of people still look for a Pro Tools crack on YouTube videos. But these are just trying to push you to sites that want to make money and most the time those cracked versions are horrible, or badly out of date.

It’s usually even worse if you try to get a Pro Tools 12 torrent. Nearly all the Pro Tools torrents out there are infected, never complete the download, don’t work, or mess up your PC.

On top of that, you must not be fooled by places like YouTube and download sites where there are hundreds of comments about how good the download is, they are usually faked. A lot of reviews are fake as well.

You won’t find people moaning about malware in our Pro Tools 12 download. It fully working, and we don’t need to advertise it on stupid places like YouTube. It’s the real deal, quietly available.

pro tools 12 installer

How To Download & Install Pro Tools Free

Okay, so you want to download and install Pro Tools 12 completely free of charge. Here’s how to do it. But before you get step one, disconnect from the Internet so that the software can’t connect to the Avid Application Manager.

  1. Download the different required files using our download links. Although the download links are rapid and trusted, you can get more stability, more features, by upgrading to our premium membership.
  2. Once you’ve downloaded the files you just need to unzip them using a .rar extractor like Winrar.
  3. The next step is to install the program using the normal Pro Tools installer.
  4. After installation, go into it and uncheck any settings about looking for updates, connecting to Avid, stuff like that.
  5. Locate the Pro Tools 12 crack, right click on it to run it as administrator and let it do its stuff. It will license the product, by fooling it into thinking it’s been licensed, and you are good to go.
  6. There is also an included iLok crack. Right click and install this as administrator to break out from requiring a physical USB Pro Tools iLok dongle to verify your license every time you run the software.

So that’s it, it’s really easy, and you can’t get stuck because included in the download is a full step-by-step user guide to installing our high quality Pro Tools 12 cracked version.